Thursday, May 30, 2013

Netflix Homepage Down, Users Can't Log In

A lot of Netflix users are currently having trouble logging into their account or even getting the Netflix homepage to load.

If you are trying to connect to Netflix using a Playstation 3, you might find the following information from helpful:

If you should encounter an error message that reads: "Cannot connect to Netflix. nw-4-7", it's more than likely that there is a DNS configuration issue keeping you from accessing Netflix. To resolve this issue, follow the steps listed below.

First, Verify Proper DNS Settings:
  1. From the PS3 main menu, go to Settings.
  2. Choose Network Settings.
  3. Choose Internet Connection Settings.
  4. Select OK on the confirmation screen.
  5. Choose Custom.
  6. Select either Wired Connection or Wireless, depending on your network type.
    • If Wireless, execute the following steps:
      • Select Manual
      • Press to the right three times. Your previously saved SSID, Security Type, and Password should be automatically input for you.
    • If you use a Wired connection, choose Auto-Detect for Operation mode.
  7. Choose Automatic for IP Address Setting
  8. Choose Do Not Set for DHCP host name
  9. Now, choose Automatic for DNS Setting
  10. Tap right on the analog stick until "Press the X button to save settings" is displayed onscreen.
  11. Press the X button
  12. Select Test Connection.
If you follow these steps, this may help restore your PS3 connection to Netflix.

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